Monday, March 8, 2010


I am alternative life style friendly , as you will see if you visit the
signal whip and quirts pages. You name it and I can make it for you, something to tickle your fancy or to shock you out of the doldrums, it's all inside .
Kangaroo hide bullwhips and snake whips from three feet to infinity ,from eight plait to 64 plait, signal whips, quirts, Australian stock whips crafted from kangaroo hide. All the kangaroo hides that I use are specially selected for me and only the best, free from scars, tick marks and any other blemishes are used. All the strands I use are pre stretched to test for strength which avoids any weak strands in a whip. All my bull whips now have four plaited bellies, no bolsters are used . Click here for photos, and signal whips have two plaited bellies. I can now also offer a nickel or sterling silver ferrule for your whip with initials or your name engraved and all whips now come with a nickel silver butt cap with the whip number, your name and signed by me with the date made.

Old style western quirt 18 inches long, shot loaded with wrist loop and double lash.

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Eine wirklich schmerzvolle Erfahrung !
drehbare Kugel mit 40 nadelspitzen Stacheln
Gesamtlänge 250mm
Grifflänge 165mm
Massiv aus Edelstahl gearbeitet

Price 325,00 euros
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Faceted peridot gemstones, sterling and pure silver, and jade combine in a spectacular cane. Nineteen faceted gemstones with richly sparkling hues of spring green all set in ornate sterling silver, on a magnificent length of 9mm rattan.

This cane is very richly detailed on both sides. One side features a detailed fan-shape created in sterling silver, accented by five faceted marquis shaped peridot gemstones. The other side has six faceted oval and two large teardrop shaped peridots surrounding a large piece of jade. There are four faceted marquis peridot stones arranged down the handle from the main piece. It is all covered and topped with sterling and fine silver. It would be a perfect gift for a ceremony, and is made to be used!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Berkeley Horse

A contraption named after it's inventor, Mrs Theresa Berkeley. It was acclaimed as a wonderful 'machine' back in the late 1800's when the birch was king. The victim, naked of course, would be strapped to the horse and with the cut out panels, the genitalia would be totally accessible. Accounts talk of ladies sitting in front of the male victim, who would 'manualise his embolon' whilst the birch was sadistically applied. There is an account of one victim willing to pay a rising fee if he is flayed to increasing levels of suffering e.g. blood is drawn, blood trickles to the floor. What puzzles me is that in 40 years of experience never have I seen such a device in real life.
I know in the 70's it was illegal to have two Mistresses at play as this constituted a brothel, so a bircher and a 'manualiser' wasn't easy to find.