Thursday, May 28, 2009

by Jacques Carelmann

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Spank Bench
As functional a spank bench as you can get. Steel frame with diamond plate aluminum legs. The legs can crank together or apart using the oversized hand wheel. The center portion also can be raised and lowered with the large acme threaded screw post and hand wheel. The psychological sensation of having ones legs cranked apart can be very subduing. Available in powder coated black finish. This is a heavy bulky item.

Price $775,00
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Spanking Bench
Material: Top quality massive oak stained and finished.
Upholstery: 5 cm (2 inches) thick sponge, covered with leatherette.
Extras: The colour of the stain and finish can be ordered in different colours. The cover can be ordered of real leather.
Specification: Length: 110 cm (3 feet, 7 ½ inches) Width: 55 cm (21 ½ inch) Height: 65 cm (2 feet, 2 inches) Weight: 30 kg (66 pound)

Price approx euros 665,00
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These Ball Stretchers come with a fantastic ball crusher that is an ideal attachment for CBT (Cock & Ball Torture). They're chrome-plated brass stretchers with a split ring design. This means that instead of having to pull the scrotum through the opening it can be closed around the balls which allow the opening to be smaller and the ball stretching ring to be thicker (heavier). The stretcher is opened and closed with bolts which can only be screwed or unscrewed with a standard-size Allen key (included). This design not only increases comfort but due to the smaller opening the chances that the ball stretcher will slip off are greatly reduced. The Ball Crusher is attached to our ball stretchers with screws provided. It consists of a metal bar which is raised and lowered by turning a pair of wing nuts.

Price from £90,99
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Ball crusher vise with quick release red safety button. Plexiglas, steel and plastic. Crystal-clear Plexiglas is polished everywhere and has no sharp edges. Stainless steel screws fasten Plexiglas to vice jaws. Everything in the jaws of this crusher is clearly visible.

Price $45.00
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The Li'L Slugger is a replica of the original JP Slugger, which hasn't been available for years. It is a delightful little tool for over-the-lap spanking, nipple work, or any other part of the body that requires attention. The riveted hand loop makes it easy to hold on to. Made of 3 layers of heavy black leather, glued together and then sewn around the edge. PaddleDaddy was at Alcatraz a while back and saw one quite similar to it in a display case of unauthorized "persuaders" that the guards carried.
Overall size is 2-1/2" by 11"

Price $50.00
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7 inch maximum lateral spread
A custom made three blade speculum, to our knowledge the widest spread available. The two lateral blades are spread and held apart by inward pressure. This sets up a binding action with the rods that holds the blades apart. The third blade is pulled down and held in place by a wing nut. Lateral movement of this blade is prevented by guide pins near the wing nut. The third blade is totally removable. It should go without saying that this speculum is for people who are both knowledgeable and dealing with fairly "open" holes.

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by D&G?

I doubt this lovable medical seat is available in D&G stores :-)


Price euros 150,00
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Armreif Fancyflower
3 cm hoher Armreif in Edelstahl mit Gold oder Sterlingsilberbeschlag.
Der Armreif kann mit dem Vorhängeschloss oder auch mit einem Piercing geschlossen werden.
Passend zu diesem Armreif finden Sie auch den Halsreif "Fancyflower" unter Halsschmuck
sowie den Ring der O unter den O - Ringen.
Bei Bestellung eines kompletten Sets erhalten Sie einen Preisnachlass.
Die Preise verstehen sich ohne Vorhängeschloss.

Price from euros 158,00
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Patent black kidskin pump opentoe made with decorative corset lace, 5inch spiked high heel and reale leather sole, insole and lining. Entirely hand-made from highest quality leather and natural fabric by master shoemakers.

Price euros 105,55
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Material Edelstahl
Band: mattiert / Kanten hochglanzpoliert
Rundedelstahl: hochglanzpoliert
Materialstärke 4 mm (Band)/ 6 mm Rundedelstahl

Price euros 250.00


A very good "Tefra" Violet Wand from the 50`s with 12 different glass electrodes.
Very complete with 12 different glass electrodes
Works on 240 Volts, works to on 120 Volt with an optional voltage transformator

This very good Tefra Violet Wand is in a very good original condition. The case has a fawn faux leather exterior and a chestnutbrown velvet cotton lining interior.
The control unit is removable from the case, has an on/off switch in the mains cable between plug and control unit and it has a knob for power control. A european standard plug was fitted. Power is from very mild to high.

Attachments in the case
Mushroom - violet, mild
Mushroom - neon, red, mild
Mushroom - with a metal plate inside - more intense
Comb - mild and multi useable
Throat/Neck - mild
Anal - speaks for itself, for the creative
Heart - mild
Nervbrush - mild to intense
Fulgurator - very intense with a fine metal wire tip
Brush - multi useable on any part of the skin, mild, for oxygenation of the skin
Roller - mild to intense, for the creative
Nose - mild, as a pointer for creative use
Control unit - removable from the case
Wand handle - with metal covering to increase intensity
Secondary contact electrode - this metal plate provides a return path to the control unit and thus increasing intensity of highfrequency currents when in contact to the recipients body. Width 37cm, Depth 22cm, Height 12cm. Weight 3kg

Price eros 495,00
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Chinese, Model No 04CHLA
These high security leg irons weigh 1.43 kilos and have approximately 30cm of chain between the two 8cm irons which are secured using a 'Yale' type tumbler lock. This lock is made further secure by a stainless steel cover which is secured with two countersunk posi' screws. These leg irons are clearly intended for long term use, hence the very high security.
Price £49.90 (out of stock)
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Carved paddle

Price £15
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Our Bondage Chairs are a staple of our business. They're lightweight, hard to tip, suspendable and of all-wood construction. Holes are pre-drilled for ankle restraints.
Available with a cross-arm that can be easily removed for storage and deniability. Also available are variations of the bondage chair that allow for full genital access.
Our chairs are available unfinished, stained or painted as you like. Measurements can be adapted to fit. Available assembled, or can be shipped ready-to-assemble with all hardware and easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

Price $425.00
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

4 in 1 CROSS by

The 4 in One Cross
There is nothing else like it on the web! You have 4 or more pieces of furniture all in one. It stands over 7' high and about 3' wide with removable center pads for other attachments you may think of. It comes apart as you see in the photo for simple storage. The 4 way to use this device is lay it on the floor and use it as a rack.

Price $699.00
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"I make sophisticated sculptures that go far beyond their functional use. Every piece of work I produce takes its own form, each piece of material I use is re-claimed and re-used from industrial machinery that has now been discarded, by doing this I create a sculpture that has a use as well as an aesthetic beauty. My work is not only a sculpture it is a piece of history that addresses the global need to re-use exsisting materials." Bob Campbell

Price upon request
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Oh Man!!(nequin) lamps fuse art with function. Each lamp is individually designed and hand crafted. We use a variety of body parts, both vintage and contemporary. Lamps are fitted with beautiful, quality hardwoods.

Price £209
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by Saeco Etienne Louis

Not really a torture tool, but this design masterpiece looks good in a tech dungeon.
Designed by Carlo Borer, the sphere is steel made, and both its spikes and legs are made of polished aluminum. Probably the price will scare the heck out of us as well.

Price unknow
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Polished bronze, 5cm (2 inch) inside diameter.
Creative range of intimate jewels as buttplugs and cockrings with old-style bondage touch.

Price euros 130.00
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The "Humiliator" is the original "Scott Paul" designed accessory gag you've heard about. This stylish and comfortable gag has 16 different accessory's that click into the gag receiver tube. This carefully designed gag may be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. The "Scott Paul" designed "Half Moon" mouth bit provides a firm and biteable surface. This popular "Half Moon" mouth bit fits the shape of the mouth and results in less jaw fatigue. The inside of the face gag is lined with (5 mil.) wet suit grade neoprene. The neoprene lining is soft and easy to clean. The strong neck strap features the "Comfort Slide Pad" This neoprene pad protects the skin from the buckle for more comfort during extended wear. The accessory receiver tube is available in silver or black. The locking gag is $5 extra. The "Scott Paul" locking system has a unique post and buckle design. This allows the gag to be used without the padlocks being in place.

Price from $130.00
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Sieht nicht nur geil aus, nein, es ist auch geil...

Nachdem man den Kopf in das Halseisen gepannt hat und den Kopf mit den seitlichen Andrückpolstern fixiert hat kann der Deliquent seinen Kopf nicht mehr zur seite drehen. Hände an den dafür vorgesehenen Ösen fixieren und los gehts.
Wenn man sich auf die Federgelagerte Sitzfläche setzt kann man mittels gewichtsverlagerung selber bestimmen wie weit man sich Sub nähern möchte. Und wenn man Sub jetzt einen Dildoknebel anzieht hat man eine wirklich effektive Fickvorrichtung für die Dame oben drauf :-)

Aber auch als Toilettensitz leistet dieses Gerät sehr gute Dienste :-)

Andere Abmessungen, Sonderwünsche oder eigene Ideen sind kein Problem, sprechen Sie uns einfach an.

Price euros 559.00
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The outer diameter is 63mm (2 1/2 inch).
The inner diameter may vary between 32mm
and max. 38mm (1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inch).
The weight depends on the size and is about
490g (17.5 oz) for the 30mm wide version and about 650g (23.2 oz) for the 40mm wide version

Price from euros 259.00
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Because the four bars are movably mounted to the rings, the orbital cuff adjusts perfectly to the wearers anatomy.
And if the cuff isn´t in use you can fold it up to a small packet

Price euros 159.00
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No info
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Flogger Severity 2/3
Rosewood, Brass heel Leather corset, Stitched leather lashes, 76cm total length

Price euros 1,807.00
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This superb large, hand-crafted, padded, 4 poster Bondage Bed has St Andrew's cross, Cage, Padded isolation box, Stocks and various stainless steel rings, pulleys and tie off points. This bed is 8ft long, 3ft wide These beds can be customized to your requirements.

Price £2,500.00
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A serious piece of dungeon furniture - a powder coated steel framed bench with hand finished, fully padded, leather covering. Complete with body, thigh, calf, arm and wrist restraints. Once secured, you have full access to the back, buttocks and genitals. In addition, there are two anchor points located on the base. This bench also has a U shaped section for the head, together with a kidney shaped belt to secure the head in place. The approx. overall dimensions are: 120cms long, 60cms wide and 77cms high.

Price £1,095.00
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This ten-foot version of our deluxe bondage table includes a metal spreader bar and winch mechanism for use as a "rack" or stretching table. The table includes O-rings and drilled side rails for rope bondage. An access hole can be added to one or more of the three top sections which lift out for re-positioning. This deluxe bondage table is made from beautiful poplar hardwood finished in your choice of ebony, walnut, or red oak stain.

Price approx. $1,596.00
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Now with the added comfort and security of all twelve straps being padded (six arm / six legs) together with a padded chest harness The leather covered 2 metre diameter wheel is mounted on a powder coated steel box section A frame. Loading is transfered to the floor via the A frame, which is bolted to a steel baseplate 150cm long x 30cm wide. The wheel is secured by four bolts through the baseplate to the floor, and two bolts from brackets on the A frame to the wall. The wheel itself is made in two sections, as is the A frame and baseplate, making the whole unit transportable in a large estate car or small van. This magnificent trademark piece comes complete with satin chrome handgrips, height adjustable footplates with padded leather ankle straps, three arm straps (bicep, elbow & wrist), three leg straps (thigh, knee & calf) and a padded leather chest harness. Once securely strapped in position, the victim can be rotated through 360 degrees and locked in any one of eight positions within the cycle, by means of a spring loaded foot operated brake.

Price £ 2,150.01
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This is our newer version of the big bondage chair, with head cage and 3 separate winches attached to the frame. The frame inserts into the front of the chair. A fantastic devise for NT and CBT. This chair is extremely cruel as a serious bondage chair and if you add on the additional extras, head cage NT & CBT winches with frame, You have one of the most impressive unqiue and cruelest torture chairs. The frame lifts of easily if you need to use just as a bondage chair.

Price £795.00
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Very comfortable presentation and work bondage. For a handshake, you need to take a bow. To punish or train, use the arm traps behind the head or back. Price per pair, connecting rod included.

Price per pair euro 275.00
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This piece is a recognizable movie star and its got to be the most attractive cage on the market. One of Sonny Black's most recognizable products, the stunning Ball Cage is back in production with a sturdy, furniture inspired base unit configured to increase stability. Six legs are welded to a rigid steel plate which is easily removed for suspension scenes. The more simplified "hoop style" cage support is another option and requires no tools. Use four small padlocks to secure this cage for inescapable bondage. Whether you have a way to hoist this elegant sculpture or not, it's a gorgeous element to many residential and commercial play rooms. Plastic glides on base protect floors. Durable powder coated finish in black or metallic silver.

Price upon request
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There is no better way to serve Mistress then with this tray. This tray features a hole in the center large enough to place the penis and balls on the tray. It Snaps shut and can be locked on even.

Price $89.95
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