Friday, May 27, 2011


Steel Ring Bondage reproducing Bdsm symbol.

Full Chastity Restraint Body Harness

The Ceinture de Chastete full chastity and restraint body harness. Everything locks on, and with the proper concealing clothing being worn, no one is the wiser of the strict control the wearer is under. Yes, this arrangement has been used.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


For those unfamiliar with the KTB, the name is short for "Kali's Tooth Bracelet" or "Kali's Teeth Bracelet." The KTB is a simple chastity device that involves a metal ring that is locked around the penis, but the inside of the ring is covered in spikes (ranging from short and dull to long and quite sharp).
For those unfamiliar with the KTB, the name is short for "Kali's Tooth Bracelet" or "Kali's Teeth Bracelet." The KTB is a simple chastity device that involves a metal ring that is locked around the penis, but the inside of the ring is covered in spikes (ranging from short and dull to long and quite sharp).
What strikes me as interesting about something that I would have no desire to partake in is that this is really a different kind of chastity device and it really provides some insight that there are really very different types of Mistresses out there.

You probably already know that the traditional male chastity devices work by holding the penis at an angle or curve and restricting the amount of enlargement that is possible in order to prevent an erection. By encasing the penis it also prevents any form of pleasurable touching. However, it does allow for the penis to TRY to get erect against its confines, leaving the sub in a state of incredible sexual frustration. In most cases, this frustration is the enjoyable part of chastity, heightened awareness of hornyness building to an explosive volcanic orgasm upon release.

This is the key difference of the KTB. Instead of feeding the fires of sexual frustration, it provides a severe negative consequence for even attempting an erection. Rather than preventing orgasms, it conditions in a factor of self-control: the sub shouldn't even try to get hard without permission. I actually think the end result is kind of neat. If you had enough self-control to respond to verbal commands regarding whether or not you have an erection. Aside from Buddhist Monks known for exerting incredible levels of body control, wouldn't subs trained with a KTB pull in a close second?

I would never actually want to wear one of these but I would find it something to be prideful of if you could simply go erect or flaccid whenever ordered to.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

by Jamie Isenstein

Jamie Isenstein “Arm chair” 2006
Born 1975, Portland, Oregon.
Lives and works in New York City

The artist merges with her work. It is part of their objects and spends in such a way hours in its installations, the ear armchair or as wall lamp. Nevertheless compellingly once if nature should call, then it hangs a sign “wants return…” to the abandoned place. Ear armchair “encouraged”, like also the classical shop plaque is nevertheless an ideal idea for the supporters of the “Living Furniture scenarios.


by Chiara Onida

This is a portable toolkit for foley artists, the people that create the "everyday" sound you hear in movies. It was designed by Chiara Onida and rolls up neatly inside the canvas mat.

Tools That Can Make Every SoundEach 'tool' is made from leather and different tools can mimic unique sounds.


Es gibt Dinge die braucht man wirklich nicht um glücklich zu sein. Oder im Falle der lustvoll-sadistischen Vergnügungen, um ganz einfachen sexuellen SM-Spass zu haben. Doch die zarten Hände einer Lady reagieren doch empfindlich auf heisses Wachs, wenn es bei Kerzenspielen statt auf den Delinquenten aus kurzer Distanz über ihre Hände tropft.

Der mexikanische Designer Jacobo Muñoz hat sich diesem kleinen Problem angenommen. Dabei hat er sich dann allerdings so weitreichende Gedanken gemacht, dass es ihn zurück bis zur Genesis geführt hat. Am Ende sind, wie bei der Schöpfungsgeschichte, sieben symbolträchtige und lustfördernde Dinge entstanden. Neben dem simplen, erotischen Nutzen dieser luxuriösen Sex-Tools hat somit jedes dieser Spielgeräte auch noch eine ganz eigene, bedeutungsvolle Schöpfungssymbolik.

Friday, May 6, 2011

High Heels 15cm Boots

Mistress classic thigh-high black boot in quality calf leather with red nappa leather lining, covered zipper and 150mm spiked heel. Entirely hand-made from high quality leather and natural fabric by master Italian shoemakers.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


“Silentium” is the name of our innovative tongue gag.

This type of gag, which is quite popular in the Asian BDSM scene, is the ultimate solution. Because with a tongue gag, your slave has no choice but to be perfectly silent!

Our “Silentium” device lets you set the lips and tongue into place. Thanks to its knurled surface, the gag stays securely in place, even with low tension. Escaping or removing the gag is absolutely impossible.

Knurling is actually used to emboss nonslip patterns on handles and tools. The grip surfaces of a micrometer gauge, for example, are knurled. We use this technique with our “Silentium” tongue gag to ensure that the lips and tongue don't slip out.

MEO’s tongue gag is actually intended for use in professional studios, but when used correctly and responsibly, it is acceptable for private use as well. Thanks to its complexity, its weight and its bizarre look, the psychological effects of the Silence Gag are not to be underestimated, making it highly appealing for self-bondage as well.

Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel using precise CNC techniques; easy fitting and sensitive adjustment.

Royal Wedding Plate

Despite my British background, I’ve had zero interest in the recent royal wedding. this fantastic ceramic piece. Pretty much any aspect of popular culture get interpreted on the internet in a pornographic manner (as stated in rule 34), but it’s rare to see it take the form of a commemorative plate. She looks like she’s enjoying herself, although he doesn’t appear to be showing the stiff upper lip that should be expected. I’ve no idea how genuine it is, but should you have a spot reserved in your china cabinet for that one special piece, then it’s allegedly available at Gribsby’s Shop.

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Hotman Trivet Posapentole sadomaso

Un simpatico posapentole sadomaso, può essere utilizzato per sorreggere una pentola rovente. Costa 13,95£ da acquistare qui. chi apprezza il genere potrebbe comprarlo per il proprio partner e regalarglielo, non prima di aver inciso il proprio nome sul petto del simpatico omino, per un'umiliazione anche simbolica!