Friday, June 10, 2011

by Ooms & Grosemans

The Milkmaid by Studio Oooms is not your typical Dutch Souvenir. Inspired by Johannes Vermeer’s innocent painting ‘Het Melkmeisje’ (The Milkmaid) this blue and white ceramic dildo is a perfect alternative to bringing back windmills, clogs and tulips.

Ceramic delft blue dildo with cork.
Designers: Guido Ooms & Davy Grosemans
Dimensions: 22 cm / 8,66 in, 2,5 cm / 0,78 in
Price $178 Buy at

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Give your kitten claws with these Cat Nails. They simply slide onto your fingers and use! Great for sensation play, used with a violet wand or for showing who is boss.
Each Cat Nail has two prongs, which are sharp but not that sharp.
Two Sizes
Small - up to ring size U (20mm)
Large - up to ring size Z 1/2 (22.1mm)
Price £19.95 Buy at


Sometimes, you want others to know that your ass is off-limits. One glance at the Ultimate Asslock in use will be enough to let others know move on - this ass is spoken for! Simply insert this steel piece of botany into your back door and widen its petals to blossom while inside you to achieve a truly unique feeling of fullness. The Asslock is secured with a miniature padlock with two keys (included).

Total length: 15 cm
diameter 6 cm (circumference 19 cm) - insertable length: 7 cm
material: stainless steel
Price 201,00 £
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Monday, June 6, 2011


How many of you would find a night in a ball stock a trip worth having? I know one Trip who did. Look closely at the photos below. That wooden device you see clinging to the back of Trip's thighs is called the Humbler. For obvious reasons, it is designed to humble a man by securing his balls behind him, stretching them taut, while making it nearly impossible for the wearer to straighten his legs completely. Of course a boy will be tempted to try, but it's not long before he bends back over again to alleviate the pressure.
I have discovered there are a couple variations of the Humbler design. The standard model only has the two pieces you see here, which fit together to contain the balls.
Once screwed down tight, a groove in the wood rests against the back of the thighs, and creates resistance against the wearer (should he attempt to stand straight). There are also locks on either side for added security.
The model I found here (on E-Bay, of all places) includes a third piece, one designed to slide right into the curve of the wood (where the balls rest) and acts like a vise, simultaneously stretching and squeezing to whatever degree seems appropriate.