Saturday, October 24, 2009

by Arturo Garcia

CUSTOM ORDER SPUR made in german silver over stainless steel with name or initials of your choice, if is only one line word the size of the letters will be double if you like, and an initial could be added in the button were the spur straps goes ,also the german silver can be done over other kinds of steel which are blue steel, brown, gold, black and oxidized , if you have a photo of any spur style that you like could be done , also the spur can be modified any way you want maybe narrower other knid or rowels etc. with a good drawing with details and measurments so anything won't be left to interpretations. remember this spur is hand forged and engraving no machine is used on the making process. could be done a matching bit with a ranch brand of anything you want.
delivery time 2 to 4 weeks

Price US$ 250,00
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