Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Now with the added comfort and security of all twelve straps being padded (six arm / six legs) together with a padded chest harness The leather covered 2 metre diameter wheel is mounted on a powder coated steel box section A frame. Loading is transfered to the floor via the A frame, which is bolted to a steel baseplate 150cm long x 30cm wide. The wheel is secured by four bolts through the baseplate to the floor, and two bolts from brackets on the A frame to the wall. The wheel itself is made in two sections, as is the A frame and baseplate, making the whole unit transportable in a large estate car or small van. This magnificent trademark piece comes complete with satin chrome handgrips, height adjustable footplates with padded leather ankle straps, three arm straps (bicep, elbow & wrist), three leg straps (thigh, knee & calf) and a padded leather chest harness. Once securely strapped in position, the victim can be rotated through 360 degrees and locked in any one of eight positions within the cycle, by means of a spring loaded foot operated brake.

Price £ 2,150.01
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