Saturday, August 29, 2009


when you talk about extreme nipple torture and especially when you love it... Have a look at this!
A metal circle surrounds your nipple and has a half loop firmly attached that you can use to pull on, or to put on extra weights. In this metal ring you can screw the two hollow and the two sharp screws as far as you can take it.
The two hollow screws have a dual purpose: you can either put the 2 mm thick steel spike through them (so you can hold the abuser in place when you're pierced) or, even heftier, you can electrify this little bugger by plugging in the standard 2 mm banana jacks of your electro box... Ouch!!
Do note that the needle that you get with this abuser is stainless steel and not suitable for making a new piercing - you can only put it through carefully through an existing piercing.

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